Who are we?

The Learn English Network is a not-for-profit organisation registered in the UK. We have been providing support to ESL learners and teachers since 1999.

We are a voluntary organisation and we do what we do for the love of English.

We run a network of web sites and online services with the help of our volunteers.

We organise events on several platforms. These events (sessions) are dedicated to helping ESL and EFL learners and teachers. All sessions are free to participants and open to all.

The Learn English Network offers English grammar and extensive British English vocabulary sections along with a free English magazine, diary, games, lessons and tests and an insight into British culture, Traditions and customs.

About the web sites

By using some of the latest web based technologies the Learn English Network covers a broad range of English skills.

This site contains a wealth of resources to help you learn English free online, including help with listening skills and pronunciation, along with sections on the basics of English, spelling, grammar and activities such as games, tests and quizzes.

In addition there is an extensive vocabulary section which uses pictures and sound and sections on British culture, customs and traditions.

The teacher's section is my attempt to share some of my experience and also provides advice on how to use this site to enrich your lessons along with lesson plans and handouts.

The Learn English Online site has free English lessons for beginners.

The Free English Magazine gives you the chance to read and listen to new material every month.

How it all started

Here are some of the nice things people have said about the Learn English Network.

Sam - It is a pleasure to learn English here. 

P - Speaking used to be a nightmare for me, now it's a dream.

I like this website. I got a mentor! - Feng

Ariange - Very good site.

Dino - hiiii all there , first of all i would like to thank all of u who help us to learn english well , and really we all here appritiate it for your effort . and really thanks .

Patricia - I really like your page It's easy to understand and learn and I like to listen your exerises.

Salih - i like it very much.

Mostafa - thanks for your interesting site.

Nil - Thanks a lot your kind service.

Taner - thank you.

Ritu - it is very creative site.

Aleksy - Thank you so much for this wonderful web site.

Cassy - thanks a lot for your help.

Juhi - I like this site very much.

Andrea - I will set a link to "learnenglish.de" on my "favourite links"-site and recommend it a very much. I think it is a big projekt and a great gift to every anglophile.

Kim - Hi there in Germany. Just an email to congratulate you with your site.

Indi - wish to congratulate you for creating a worthviewing website.

Abel - it´s really interesting for someone who is interested in learning english pronunciation.

Martin - I am happy I can learn english quickly with your help. Thanks.

Hans - I came across your homepage and I think it's absolutely great.

Charlene - I thought this was a great learning tool for ESL students.

Eva - This is really good for my english practice!

Hari - I like this very much.

Bahia - congratulations on your creative imagination and sense of sharing.

Olesya - Thank you. You've been most helpful.

Hylda - This web is very useful, to me have been a great help. thanks.

Pawe - It is a really good site:)))

Fernando - I appreciate you for this pages thanks , me gustaria que pongan una pagina donde uno pueda escribir las palabras y pudieramos escuchar el sonido, gracias.

Wu - very good!

Rosa - Thanks for caring.

Abel - it´s really interesting for someone who is interested in learning english.

Ok, I have felt happy since I began to study English with you, at first it isnt easy, but finally you can feel that you can study and write and read without fear, you can be calm.


Ibrahim - When i looking for an online web for my special purpose, i have seen your name and very very nice works blongs to you. 

Lucy - Well done on such a brilliant site!

Leonar - Thank you so much for your kind and prompt reply.

Diana - thanks a lot for this useful information.

Jane - I am very happy of your help , this site is wonderful. thanks.

Yllyn - I have found your website very useful, and have recommended it to fanfiction writer's workshop for authors who write Lord of the Rings fanfiction.

Leslie - Your site is very informative.

Mustafa - Thank u so much for helping me.

Brahmika - I need somebody like you to correct and guide me to improve my writing skills. I browsed through various pages on your website and its really helping me a lot.

Mnavarro - I think that this site is cool. This is one of the best pages about learn English that I've never seen. Congratulations.

Maz - I have been teaching ESL for 7 years and I have to say this is one of the best sites I have found for my students to browse. Thanks again for the wonderful job you have done here.

Anonymous - I'm an English teacher, and I'm writing to let you know that I'm grateful for your rhymes and for all the site too.

Anonymous - I'm writing this post to tell you that the “songs available in your lessons” are very, very useful!

Anonymous - Hi Lynne

You are such a adorable person, God bless you.
I'm a mother of two daughters, I have planning to continiou my study, but writing English is so hard,I even to shy to speak eventhough my vocabularies isn't that bad. I live in US for about a year, but English is my second language, I didn't past my essay writing exam, is there any sugggestion for me?

any way this side is really help, but I haven't retake my test.

keep going what you doing, you are one of milion people.

Rick Forbes - Just a word to say a huge Thank You for this site.

You see, I AM English (well, half English, quarter Scots and quarter Austrian) but the standard of teaching all subjects in England is at an all time low whether it is Maths, foreign languages or even our own language!

It is so bad that I have had to supplement my children's knowledge myself at home.

In trying to learn Scots Gaelic I found that my own knowledge of grammar was insufficient and so had to start brushing up my knowledge.

I wanted to look up a particular point to do with possessives, apostrophes and plurals and Google pointed me to your site which, I have to say, is excellent, very clear and very comprehensive. It answered my question completely.

Strange that I should need a German site to clarify my English but on top of my previous comments I have worked with both German and Dutch people and found their standard of English is far better than many English people.

Again, let me say Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

One other thing though, please please please do not use American slang. I haven't seen any on your site and did notice the correct spelling of 'colourful' but it is a particular hate of mine. They take a copy of our language, change things for no good reason until it doesn't make sense and then try to give it back to us or worse, teach their slang to the rest of the world!

They need to remember that English is the language of English people and whoever else would like to speak it. They can speak however they like but it is not English.

e.g. color should be colour license s/b licence(noun), license(verb), center s/b centre, organization(obselete English) s/b organisation(modern English), and the one I hate most is specialty s/b speciality etc.

Anyway, none of that is your fault so thanks again for your very good site.

Pinky - Hi
I am from India my name is pinky after visiting this site i really want to say . This is toooooooooo good and really i want to appricate who have done this .

Thanks so much pls mentione your email id i like the way this website is design . anybody can learn easily .


Enjay - Hi Lynne
I am an old school Sri Lankan and was fortunate to have my entire education in the English stream. Today I checked out a few sites to help my secretary to improve her English and stumbled across your site. Your blog is not boring and, frankly, your site is fascinating and is easily one of the best I have seen. Congratulations, thanks and goodluck in all your ventures.

Denny - Hiiii, teacher, my name is denny.
BTW, would you mind if i take those learning english tips and translate it as one of the articles in my campus magazine????i found it very useful tips to share. and yes i almost forgot, im a campus journalist and my nationality is Indonesia.

Really nice website and great teacher.
I found some of the excercises are really helpful.
Thanks again. and good job.

I really wondered to find out this website. I will really be helpful for me as i am unable to pay any amount at yet but really need to improve my english skills. I really appreciate the owner/teacher of this web site. My best wishes will always be with him/her. (As i am an Asian and unable to guess with the name that Lynne is MR. or MISS)

However i will feel happiness, if can do any thing for this website (by donating in furtre or something else...)

Once again Lynne, Thank you very much!!!

I work as a part-time English teacher in Brazil. Yesterday, I was surfing the Web and stumbled across LEO, which, in my opinion, is a very interesting site. It can be a useful manner of learning English as a Second Language, indeed.

I am Sanjeev Gaur from India. I'm a part time English Teacher. My friend Nolly told me about your site. It's really a wonderful site for them whom mother tongue is not English and they want to speak. I've told many friends as well as students about this site.
I've established an English Club. Its address is English Club, 179, Ramgali-2, Raja Park, Jaipur-302 004 (India) Tel. # 91-141-2613227. Kindly include this information and update your site.

This is Pallavi.
I am a software Eng.
I am not from COnvent school, so have no power on English.
At the time of interview, I practised for english skill in front of a mirror. And now I have the confidense that I can try to speak English. But want to speak fluent English so that no one can point at me as an English illiterate. So beside of work, I daily read chapters from this site. It's really helpful for me.
Thank you for sharing your great knowledge with us.

I have been speaking English as a second language since the age of about five. But I have found this site very helpful indeed and have learnt a lot.
Thanks for your help and I wish you every success in the future for all your other projects.

Where can I send donations?

I loved your site at  first sight. - Ningning - China

Dear Lynne

Thank you very much, I sincerely appreciate it.

I find your lessons easy to follow and most effective.

I will continue to use your site and have already referred you to some acquaintances of mine.

Kind Regards,

Stephen van der Merwe

I just wanted to let you know that I am quite proud of having met you. You will always be my best teacher/tutor/trainer,  of all times. 

I often think on you and about your methods how you [teach] us English. And of all the free sessions which never going boring. Not to forget the times you invest in preparations and settings.

You never get tired and never let me feel I am a slow learner. (No responds for this sentence please)

I love the English language so much. 

Thank you very much mam, for providing such a wonderful session .These are really very very helpful .

(A lot of people are confused between teach and learn, but I kind of do help people learn English, so it's all good. He he.)

Remember - Your comments and feedback are always welcome (and the nice ones may feature on this page).