Union Jack

A Taste of Britain

English clubs, theatres, shops and cinemas around the world
British Culture

April Fool

Just fooling around.

Bank Holidays

What is a bank holiday?

Bog Snorkeling

Yes. Snorkeling through a bog. Try it! You might like it!
British Culture

Bonfire Night

A penny for the guy?
British Culture

British Elections

There are five types of elections in the United Kingdom.
British Culture

British Houses

What is a typical British house like? This might surprise you.
British pop music

British Humour

Much is made about the British sense of humour, but what kind of humour do you mean?
British Culture

British Pop Music

How much do you know about British pop music? Oh and by the way "The Beatles" don't count!
British Culture

British Television

British Television is famous (rightly or wrongly) around the world.
British Culture

Burns' Night

Robert Burns is Scotland's favourite son and champion of the common people. Each year on January 25, the great man's presumed birthday, Scots everywhere take time out to honour a national icon.


British Culture


Buying a house

Making money on property is almost a national pastime nowadays, but buying a house in the UK leads to lots of new vocabulary - gazumping, mortgages, equity and lots more explained here.
British Culture


A Pagan or Christian celebration.
British Culture


Christmas celebrations.
British Culture


Fashion and national costumes in the UK.
British Culture


One of the most popular sports in Britain.
British Culture


Who is the Easter Bunny?

Edinburgh Festival

One of the largest festivals in the world.


The education system in the UK.
British Culture


Food in the UK, from the Great British Breakfast to Bangers and Mash and of course Cheese!
British Culture

Food Facts

20 quirky food facts.
British Culture

Formal Eating

Manners maketh the man!
British Culture

Business Lunches

Clinching the deal can sometimes mean doing the right thing over lunch.
Garden Party

Garden Parties

By invitation only.

Glorious 12th

Not so glorious for the birds though.
British Culture

Good Friday

Commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
British Culture

Goose Fair

Travelling fairs abound in the UK. This is one of the biggest.
British Culture

Halloween or All Hallow's Eve

Spooky! But not quite the same as the USA.
British Culture

Health in the UK

The NHS is is the publicly-funded healthcare system of the United Kingdom.
British Culture

Introductions and Greetings

Hi, how are you?
Jarrow March

Jarrow Crusades

On October 5th 1936 200 men set off to London to deliver a petition to protest against unemployment in Britain.
British Culture

La Feill Bhride

Otherwise known as St Bride's Day.

Marriage and Weddings

British Wedding and Marriage Customs and Traditions
British Culture

Maundy Thursday

Commemorating 'The Last Supper'.
British Culture

May Day

No not a cry for help but a bank holiday.
British Culture


The jangly stuff and the folding stuff.
British Culture

Mother's Day

Also known as Mothering Sunday.
British Culture

New Year

First footing?
British Culture

New Year Resolutions

Making New Year Resolutions
nursery rhymes

Nursery Rhymes

Some nursery rhymes are a record of our history.
British Culture

Oak Apple Day

A day to celebrate British royalty.
British Culture

Remembrance Sunday

A time for peace.
British Culture

Royal Garden Parties

More tea?
rush bearing

Rush Bearing

Rushbearings are still popular in Cumbria and other parts of north-west England.
British Culture


The changing face of shopping in the UK.
British Culture

Shrove Tuesday

Otherwise known as Pancake Day.
British Culture

St David's Day

The patron saint of Wales.
St George Flag

St George's Day

The patron saint of England.
British Culture

St Patrick's Day

The patron saint of Ireland.

St Swithin's Day

An interesting bit of folklore all to do with rain.
British Culture


The mystery of Stonehenge.
Tea culture

Tea Culture in Britain

One lump or two?
British Television

Television in Britain

British TV has a long history.
British Television

Tolpuddle Martyrs

We raise the watchword Liberty, We will, we will, we will be free.
British Culture

Transport in Britain

British transport - trains and boats and planes.
British Culture

Trooping the Colour

Pageantry - what we are best at".
British Culture

The Union Flag

Contrary to popular belief this is not the English flag and it is not usually called the Union Jack.
British Culture

The United Kingdom

Some facts and figures and a potted history of my homeland.
British Culture

Valentine's Day

A celebration of love.
British Culture


A tongue in cheek look at working in the UK.
British Culture

What's On?

A Diary of Events - British customs and traditions.